Debra Janzen

National Councillor Candidate for Alberta


Your Alberta National Councillors deliver your message to Ottawa.

Alberta needs National Councillors who know the people, understand the issues, and will be an effective communicator. It is the job of your National Councillors to ensure that EDAs have every opportunity to succeed and excel.

Debra is that National Councillor.

  • Past President Macleod EDA

  • Past President Foothills EDA

  • Past President Kings-Hants EDA

  • Fundraising Chair for home EDA since 2006

  • Policy & Constitution Committee member

  • Election Readiness Committee member

  • Fundraising Chair for multiple Election Campaigns

  • National Constitution Committee (3 terms)

  • Organizer, Alberta Congress

  • Past Director, Literacy for Life Foundation (8 years)

  • Recipient Queen's Medal for Volunteerism

Debra has been active on CPC EDA Boards since the Party was formed, 17 years ago. Debra has served on the Executive, worked as a volunteer, and has mentored many members. Debra knows what an EDA needs to be successful, she knows what keeps members engaged, and she knows how to keep volunteers.

Debra has the experience to be your National Councillor.

Debra has extensive experience working with Conservatives from across the country as an Alberta representative on the National Constitution Committee for three National Conventions. Debra knows National Committees must embrace the differences in each of their areas in order to succeed. The same is true of National Council.

Debra has the experience to be your National Councillor.

Debra has worked on every Federal Election Campaign since the CPC was formed in 2004, as well as many Provincial Election Campaigns.

Debra has acted as fundraising chair, knocked on doors, manned phone banks, shepherded volunteers, and fed the troops.

Debra has the experience to be your National Councillor.




John Barlow

MP for Foothills

I have worked with few people who are as passionate and dedicated to our Conservative movement as Debra Janzen. Not one to back down from a fight I am confident, with her experience and knowledge, she will be a strong advocate for grassroots Conservative members across Alberta. For these reasons, I am proudly endorsing Debra Janzen for National Council and ask fellow members to join me in supporting Ms. Janzen.

Hon. Laurie Hawn, PC, CD

Former MP Edmonton Centre

I had the pleasure of working very closely with Deb during the recent CPC Leadership Campaign. She makes pit bulls look like slackers and I have never seen anyone more focused on the task-at-hand. She has a tremendous capacity for work and for organizing others in team endeavours. She will make a very effective National Councillor.

Hon. Ted Menzies PC

Former MP Macleod

I have worked closely with Debra for many years, several of which Debra acted as President of the Macleod EDA while I represented the Macleod riding.

Her leadership skills have contributed not only in Alberta but her passion to win seats in Atlantic Canada as well, took her to those Provinces multiple times to campaign.

I couldn’t count the number of regional, provincial, national conventions and policy workshops that Deb has attended. She was always willing to give of her time and energy for the Conservative cause.

Debra would be an amazing asset to council.

Karen Spencer

President, Foothills EDA

Debbie has been a tireless volunteer within our EDA, working on fund-raising, policy work and everything in between. She has a great level of expertise on how the party works, and I know she will be a positive force in continuing to improve our party going forward. I think she would be a valuable asset to our National Council, and she would ensure Alberta's views are heard.

John Huang M.D.

Past President Calgary Rocky Ridge EDA, VP Policy Calgary Rocky Ridge EDA

I have known Debbie Janzen for many years and know her strong work ethic, long term dedication to our Party and her willingness to listen to the members and represent their views and not the other way around.

Our party is at a critical point as we prepare for the next election and our members need their voices heard and represented well and Debbie is the right choice.

Justin Gotta

Director, Calgary Confederation EDA

I cannot think of a better person to endorse who strives to get people from all walks of life involved in the Conservative Party of Canada, especially youth, whom many see Debra as a mentor to them and will help guide them through their young political involvement.

Martha MacQuarrie

Candidate of Record, Kings-Hants EDA, Nova Scotia

Within the Conservative Party of Canada, Deb is known for her tenacity ensuring the rights of the membership are always upheld.

RJ Sigurdson

MLA for Highwood

Deb Janzen would be an exceptional asset to CPC’s National Council. She has exhibited excellent temperament and knowledge. She has a good sense of humor, self-discipline, and varied interests . . . Her work product is superior because she has a keen political mind and has demonstrated time and again her ability to analyze complicated political issues . . . and utilize her experience and common sense. She makes decisions that are just and fair.


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